The President and The Precedent

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump called protesting NFL players (most of whom are Black) sons of bitches to a group of supporters in Alabama. That one remark led to a problem the NFL, its owners, its players and its fans never wanted. Trump has masterfully made remarks about players “respecting” the flag; all part […]

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On August 26, 2017, Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett was a victim of police brutality. The very thing that Colin Kaepernick protested against, for which he has not been signed to an NFL roster, is the very thing that happened to Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett, who recently began sitting for the national anthem in protest […]

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Corporate Irresponsibility

ESPN Sportscenter evening anchor, and frequent Twitter tweeter, Jemele Hill was recently reprimanded for calling Donald Trump a White supremacist on Twitter; to which they offered a public apology. ESPN said in its statement that “the comments from Jemele Hill do not represent the position of ESPN.” What is troubling about ESPN’s position is the […]

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