Whose Football is It?

Are White people the only racial group that consumes football? When I look at football programming on ESPN or any network for that matter; when I look at the choice advertising sponsors and the commercials that are played, it seems to me that football is heavily marketed to are White people. That baffles me because […]

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The President and The Precedent

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump called protesting NFL players (most of whom are Black) sons of bitches to a group of supporters in Alabama. That one remark led to a problem the NFL, its owners, its players and its fans never wanted. Trump has masterfully made remarks about players “respecting” the flag; all part […]

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Silver Bullet?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and NBA players association executive Michelle Roberts wrote a joint letter encouraging NBA players to engage themselves in social activism. This is a different tactic from the NFL, whose owners and team executives initially shied away from encouraging activism around racial injustice. Now, the NFL brass, while continuing to frown upon […]

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