Whose Football is It?

Are White people the only racial group that consumes football? When I look at football programming on ESPN or any network for that matter; when I look at the choice advertising sponsors and the commercials that are played, it seems to me that football is heavily marketed to are White people. That baffles me because […]

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The President and The Precedent

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump called protesting NFL players (most of whom are Black) sons of bitches to a group of supporters in Alabama. That one remark led to a problem the NFL, its owners, its players and its fans never wanted. Trump has masterfully made remarks about players “respecting” the flag; all part […]

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The Great Unearther

It is true that a child’s education begins at home. However, a teacher who has an agape love of the people can take a child, no matter their state, providing them an elixir of love, life and truth that develops a sensation of empowerment and liberation, turning them from a mere human into a superhero. […]

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On August 26, 2017, Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett was a victim of police brutality. The very thing that Colin Kaepernick protested against, for which he has not been signed to an NFL roster, is the very thing that happened to Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett, who recently began sitting for the national anthem in protest […]

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On the “Lurie School” of Critics

We live in a solutions-oriented society; or at least a society that seeks “pass-the-buck solutions” attached to legitimate victim complaints rather than actually hearing out victims or their advocates. We live in a society where privileged groups often shifts the burden of aggrieved victims onto those victims themselves, when it is they who ought be […]

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A Crisis of Identity

The NFL continues to chime in on Colin Kaepernick and protest of police brutality against Black people via players sitting, kneeling or raising a fist during the national anthem before games. Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made his thoughts known, saying that anyone who protested the national anthem was disrespectful while insinuating that Colin Kaepernick’s […]

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